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More Than Just an Attorney

My name is Tim Blatt.  I have been an attorney since 1989, limiting my practice to defending those individuals charged with a criminal offense.  I began my legal career in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a criminal defense attorney in 1990.  I relocated with my family in 2003 to Cody, Wyoming and continued defense work for a couple years before taking a position as a prosecutor.  In 2017, I left prosecution and opened Blatt Law, returning to the representation of individuals charged with a criminal offense.  I have found that my time as a prosecutor has provided me with valuable experience in the defense of my clients.  


Most prosecutions have lengthy investigations before the government files criminal charges. You should be just as prepared to present your defense. Preparing your case for court before your first appearance is half the battle to successful pretrial negotiation or jury trial.  With over 98% of criminal cases being resolved short of a jury trial,  planning your trial strategy should start long before your first court appearance.  I have the background and experience to evaluate your case, investigate and interview witnesses, review search and seizure issues, all which will put you in a better position to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor, possibly resulting in reduced charges, lower bail amount, no or minimal incarceration time and even a dismissal of charges.  I have been handling criminal cases, both as a prosecutor or defense attorney for entire career and will bring that experience to your case.  I have also handled over 50 jury trials including, multiple homicides cases, sexual assault, controlled substance, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, fraud, domestic battery and driving while under the influence.  


Don’t face the government and all their resources on your own.   

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